Rate can be in Mexican MXN pesos or in U.S. Currency Dollars for foreign guests.
At Hotel we accept credit cards: VISA AND MASTER CARD
If your reservation is not guaranteed, it will be cancelled automatically.


Children under 6 (six) years old can share the room at no cost. Restrictions apply.
Children over the age of 12 (twelve) count as an adult.


Parking is free for guests; the Hotel is not responsible for loses or accidents that the vehicle may suffer.


The hotel accepts modifications or cancellations up to 48 (forty-eight) horas hours prior to arrival.


The deposit of the reservation is non-refundable as it constitutes a guarantee on the reservation. Therefore, no refund will be made.


Please note that no pets are allowed on the premises of the Hotel.


ART. 1.- LEGAL REGIME. Relationships that occur because of users' hosting services (hereinafter identified as the "Guests") with this lodging establishment named Hotel Los Cabos Golf Resort (hereinafter identified as the "Hotel") shall be governed by the mercantile legislation and, in a subsidiary manner, by the applicable civil legislation, by the General Tourism Law and the legal provisions applicable in the State of Baja California. These provisions are considered mandatory, known and accepted by the guest, and will also apply to common uses and practices governing the matter in the Municipality of Cabo San Lucas, State of Baja California Sur. The El Hotel, this regulation is posted in each room for the sight of the Guests, being that its mandatory compliance, both for the Hotel and for the Guests.

ART. 2.- REGISTRATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF GUEST. The Guest is obliged to register by personally filling in the registration card, which must provide the following details:

  • Applicable rate
  • Room type requested
  • Number of nights to stay
  • Services included
  • Cancellation fee terms
  • Reservation number
  • Check-in deadline (room delivery)
  • For statistical purposes, the registration card must contain:
    • Date of entry and exit
    • Nationality
    • -Place of residence
    • -Number of Registered Users
    • In the case of previously made reservations by the Guest directly or through your company, an agency or any intermediary that acts as such, the Hotel has an obligation to recognize and accept the reservation document and provide the services requested by the Guest, if availability allows, it must include the confirmation number provided by the Hotel or, if applicable, request accommodation in another hotel with the conditions and similar rates.
    • The Hotel must specify in advance if an additional charge applies when payment is made by credit card. The usual service collection policies must be clearly specified prior to the Guest's registration at the time of booking.
    • When the Guests are a group previously contracted, the representative will fill out the registration cards or deliver the lists that fills the requirements. The Hotel will deny accommodation to the Guests that do not comply with this requirement and is entitled to request the identification of the applicant and the persons accompanying him in the accommodation if it deems appropriate.

ART. 3.- HOTEL OBLIGATIONS. The Hotel in the provision of lodging services, commits to comply with the expressly agreed, in accordance with the nature of the accommodation and the rules attached to the use and practice existing in the Municipality of Cabo San Lucas, State of Baja California Sur and to what the applicable laws and regulations order.

ART. 4.- STAY TIME. The Guest in accordance with the Hotel, will specify on the registration card the number of days they will be staying at the Hotel. It will be considered as a time unit in the lodging contract, the room charge that is generated from the delivery of the same, charging the agreed rent without it exceeding the published rates. The time is one day whose expiration will be set at 10:00 AM each day. Rooms must be provided to Guest no later than 4:00 PM on the day booked. It is understood to have complied the first day of accommodation, within the indicated time, when the occupancy of the room takes effect before 10:00AM in the morning. When the duration of the accommodation has not been set in the registration card, its understood that the accommodation contracted is for a single day and longer stays are considered as a voluntary extension of 24 (twenty-four) hours at a time, so the Hotel can terminate the accommodation at any time, upon prior notice to the Guest.

ART. 5.- GUEST OBLIGATIONS, RATE PAYMENT. When required by the Hotel It is the obligation of the Guest, to pay on time the amount of the charges caused by the consumption of services in the Hotel. The rate of the lodging service is exposed to the Guest's view. Payment may be required in advance Hotel and the Guest may guarantee payment to Hotel by signing a credit card accepted by Hotel by signing a promissory note (Voucher). The Guest that on the day of departure vacates your room after the hours set out in the previous article, is obliged to pay the price of the accommodation corresponding to an additional day.
Failure to pay by the Guest when required for this purpose, causes the termination of the lodging service and the Hotel may make use of the public force to demand and carry out the eviction of the room, being able to hold the baggage under warranty under the terms provided for in Article 2,583 (two thousand five hundred and eighty-three) of the Civil Code for the State of Baja California Sur. Regardless of the foregoing, in accordance with the provisions of Article 241 (two hundred and forty-one) Fraction IV (Four Romans) of the Penal Code in force for the State of Baja California Sur, the Guest who, having provided him with the service, has not paid his amount, is committing an unlawful fraud provided for in the cited number.
The Hotel may not condition the purchase of other consumptions on the lodging service, except in the case of packages.
The Hotel does not apply minimum consumption in any of the consumption centers of the facilities.

ART. 6. – RESPONSIBILITY OF THE HOTEL. The Hotel responds only as depositary of the securities, money, jewelry and other assets that Guest constitutes in deposit in the administration of the Hotel and are received in this regard by the staff of the business authorized to that effect.

ART. 7.- VARIOUS PROVISIONS. The Hotel does not authorize any person access to the rooms occupied by the Guest, unless it has been previously authorized by Guest and, in any case, reserves the right not to allow other visitors in the room. Personnel working in the service and cleaning, maintenance and supervision, as well as the legal representative or administrator of the Hotel, will have free access to the rooms occupied by the Guest if the operation requires it. The visits, inspections and other formalities that the authorities intend to carry out within the rooms in the performance of their duties will be carried out with the strictest adherence to constitutional guarantees.
For safety, the Guests must leave the keys to their rooms at the reception, every time they leave the Hotel. You are not allowed to give lodging to people other than those previously registered in your room and, in no case, the number of people staying in each room, may be greater than the capacity allocated by the Hotel for each room.
It is the duty of the Guests to inform the administration of the Hotel of any contagious diseases or illnesses, deaths, infringements or crimes that occur in the establishment and are of your knowledge, so that the hotel can in turn, take appropriate measures and give immediate notice to the authorities when appropriate.
Children should not leave the room alone, nor circulate through corridors, gardens, swimming pool or public areas and services of the Hotel, if they are not accompanied by an adult.
The gardens, playgrounds and swimming pool whose administration corresponds to the Hotel, will be exclusive use of the Guests in the form, terms and conditions that’s indicated, it is established that they are free for the Guests within the schedules set without generating additional expenses.
Persons wishing to temporarily leave the Hotel and retain at their disposal the rented room, must pay in advance the amount of the rent for the entire time of their absence; if deadline for not making the new payment is not met, the hotel administrator may proceed in accordance with Article 5 of this Regulation.
When the Guest is absent for more than 18 (eighteen) hours without prior notice to the administration of the Hotel, the Hotel may cancel the lodging contract and proceed to collect the luggage in the event that the actual value of the luggage of the Guest does not guarantee the amount of the bill.

ART. 8.-BAGGAGE AS WARRANTY. Baggage and other goods entered by the Guests to the Hotel are considered the property of the person who registers at check-in and may preferably be responsible for all the debits that, by means of lodging, complementary services and other consumptions cause the persons covered by the respective regime.

ART. 9.- CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE. In order to comply with NOM- 007-TUR 2002, el Hotel has contracted a Civil Liability Insurance, which covers damages to third parties in relation to its people and their goods whose amount is based on the number of rooms available.

ART. 10.- CANCELLATIONS. All reservations will be confirmed on a space available basis and subject to a one-night nonrefundable deposit. The Hotel will charge each cancellation to the Guest 100% (one hundred percent) of the value of the first night in case it was made between 47 (forty-seven) hours prior to the booked date. The Hotel will charge the Guest a cancellation fee of 100% (one hundred percent) of the value of the first night when no cancellation is made and/or the Guest is a no show (does not show up.).

ART. 11.- OTHER OBLIGATIONS. It is strictly forbidden for the Guests to:
Alter order, make noises that inconvenience other Guests, as well as using the room for any act or entertainment prohibited by law, washing and laying clothes inside the room.
Deteriorate the furniture, decoration or property of the Hotel; if any damage is caused to any of the Hotel's facilities, the amount of the repair cost will be charged.
Pets of any kind are not allowed.
Please note that smoking is not allowed inside the rooms.
The Hotel reserves the right to terminate the lodging service when the prohibitions indicated are violated, without the Guest being entitled to any reduction of his debt for the accommodation or service received, and is obliged, in addition, to pay or compensate for the damages caused by its proceedings.

ART. 12.- GENERAL SERVICES. The provision of services by the Hotel is not conditioned on the grounds of sex, religion, nationality or social status.
Any situation or cases not provided for in this Regulation shall be handled based on the provisions of the General Tourism Law, its regulations, and other applicable provisions in this area.